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Upgraded edition of “Excellence-Italian main industrial sectors” brochure

Since the Renaissance, Italy has been renowned worldwide for its creativity and style, distinctive qualities still shaping its reputation at global level.

But Italy is much more than a cultural superpower. It is home to widely appreciated fashion brands and exquisite food. It is also a world leader in many other important sectors, such as machineries, wood industry, infrastructure and mobility, industrial design, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and aerospace technologies, just to name a few.

This upgraded edition of “Italian Excellence” comes in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, which speeded up global processes and trends such as the “twin transitions”, green and digital. Also in the fields of renewable energies, recycling, circular economy and sustainability, Italy holds a prominent role worldwide.

The unique combination of tradition and innovation, search for quality and excellence, care for human relations and respect for the environment – the “Made in Italy” in its very essence – allows our Country to succeed in the challenges ahead. Italy’s excellences spread over many fields and productive sectors, sometimes unknown or underestimated.

This publication will provide foreign institutions and investors, companies and people interested in our Country, with a better understanding of the widespread array of Italy’s capabilities.

Upgraded edition of “Italian Excellence” brochure.